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Twenty five year ago, we the Khandelwal Group of Companies got established as supplier and trader of agro chemicals and then we gradually established ourself as one among the leading manufacturer in the country, for various innovative and ecofriendly herbal pesticide, organic fertilizers, plant growth promoters and regulators for sustainable agricultural practices. Consequently, The Khandelwal Group of Companies has also established two manufacturing units in karnataka, namely Khandelwal Bio Fertilizers and Khandelwal Herbo Chem Industries, these units are dedicated for procuction of microbial bio products, herbal products and micro nutrients respectively. These units are endowed with well-equipped, industry leading facilities and an in house R & D centre. These facilities are not only to maintain the quality of the product but also to provide new and innovative products with improved potential.

Our mission is improvement of

Seed Health

Seeds are foundation to crop production and seed health is related to food production in various ways.

Soil Health

Healthy soil is fundamental to land regeneration and sustainable food production

Plant Health

Healthy plants are vital to sustainable and profitable crop production .Plant health aim to protect crop, fruit, vegetables etc. from harmful pests and diseases.


We are introduced ourself as leading manufacturer and importer of organic Fertilizer, plant extracts and acids.


We are introduced ourself as leading manufacturer and importer of organic Fertilizer, plant extracts and acids.


Our Products

Bioraj seed special.

Bioraj seed special is an unique formulation for seed treatment of various crops.

Grub nash.

Grub Nash is an effective solution for management of white grubs found in various crops.


keeptol is a innovative, highly effective broad spectrum herbul fungicide.


To emerge as one of the trusted brands among farmers by providing organic solutions and by empowering them providing better and improved range of products from an organic origin.


To serve farmer with our quality range of products, so that they achieve improvement in seed health, soil health and plant health, hence to become a one top organic solution for your crop.

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Opp.Karnataka Process, Borgaon - 591216
Tel :  +91 9260311017, 9225666667
Email : khandelwalbtlab@gmail.com

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